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Recent Work


A bullied teenager inadvertently makes a human connection when he shuts down his Youtube channel after haters attack him.

Status: Out to Festivals

Nicabob is a bored teen living in nowhere Southeast Louisiana. Prolonged use of ADHD meds has made him a social outcast even seemingly among his own family members. To amuse himself, he starts a Youtube channel. Although he follows instructions from Youtube and models his videos after successful Youtubers, his channel only attracts haters. When the bullying becomes unbearable, Nicabob shuts down his channel. The difference between real time and online time becomes almost unbearable for Nicabob. Frustrated, he begins to chop through the wall of 8 foot weeds in his back yard. When he breaks through to the other side, he discovers a chance at real human interaction.

This is an Elektrik Hybrid: a story that was once real and then became fictionalized. A teen who was once real plays a fictionalized version of himself. What is the line between documentary and fiction?

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Local Urban Ecologist Dr. Josh Lewis tells the hundred year story of the Industrial Canal Lock system that dissects the infamous 9th Ward in New Orleans. He outs the industrial capitalists who used public funds to build the system and describes how irresponsible urban planning to suit industry rather than ecology has lead to repeated catastrophic flooding in the region since 1927. This history cum Call to Action is aimed at mobilizing our city and our country around the intersection of industry, ecology, climate change and politics.

Status: Post Production

Mr. Joe lives alone

A short documentary portrait about a nonagenarian determined to live alone in the house he built with his own hands after his longtime wife dies of Alzheimer’s.

Status: Released


New Orleans Film Festival
Västerås Film Festival (Winner: Best Documentary)
Kansas City WIFT Staged Reading @ KCFF
FICAE – Diseases International Short Film and Art Festival
Pontchartrain Film Festival
Women in Film and TV International Showcase

“beautifully rendered and intimate in scope” Moviemaker Magazine

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The Kirmann Videos

A collection of videos produced for the French musical artist Franz Kirmann. We have been working with Kirmann since 2001 and have produced video idents for his albums, projections for his live performances and music videos.

a fictional place Down the Road

Our award-winning film “Destiny lives Down the Road” attracted the curators at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans who commissioned us to produce “Chalmatia: a fictional place Down the Road,” which was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts & the LA Division of the Arts. The installation included over 400 photographs, 86 text pieces, an hour long film, and an installation component.

Commercials and Content

Our philosophy has always been: work with people we like; work for brands we can get behind. Life is too short to do anything else. Why only make commercials and content with people we like and for brands that we can stand behind? It takes a lot of love to do what we do. Love makes the content better. And we love our clients and their brands.

A selection of our amazing clients:

Loyola University New Orleans
Youth Empowerment Project
Louisiana Outdoors Outreach Program (LOOP)
Kellog Foundation
Dartmouth PRC
The Legacy Foundation
Day for Night Films
Elephant Quilt Productions
Historic New Orleans Collection
New Orleans Video Access Center
Jazz & Heritage Foundation
Alliance for Affordable Energy

Destiny lives Down the Road

Living in a small town sucks for seventeen year old Destiny, especially after the 3rd environmental disaster in her lifetime. Deadbeat dad, mom drunk every night, her fantasy is to dance her way out of this hell hole and bring her sisters too. When she joins a dance school after a five year hiatus, she realizes that the difference between fantasy and reality is vast. It’s time to grow up. ‘Destiny lives Down the Road’ blends fiction and creative non-fiction into a coming of age story set in the real post-disaster landscape of Chalmette, Louisiana. The film follows the fictional Destiny as she interacts with all non-actors playing themselves in real situations.

Status: Released

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Additional Screenings: Art Klub: International Women’s Day 2018, Loyola Feminist Film Festival 2018 (Winner: Best Filmmaker)

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